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Saturday, July 28, 2012

My feline owner, Bella

Tricia from http://bluffareadaily.blogspot.com/  posted in her blog about her "Lil Man" and he is absolutely Beautiful!

And he could be my owner's twin brother!  So I wanted to share this with you as well!

 This first picture..I was going to enter a sweepstakes from Arm & Hammer Kitty Litter and one of the rules was I had to pick one of their cartoon graphics to add to the photo of my kitty, so hence the cartoon collar.
 This picture is her favorite way to sleep...and it's usually on MY side of the bed.  Since I really hate to disturb her beauty rest, I end up at the end of the bed, curled up in the fetal position, trying to get a good nights rest!
 This was the same day my new furniture was delivered.  She automatically had to establish her ownership rights so, she picked the most inconvenient spot to watch t.v.. We had to wait until her program was over before using the couch.  Good thing I had an overstuffed chair and a recliner to sit in.
 This is Bella...again, asserting her divine queenship over my overstuffed chair, resting in her favorite snoozing pose.  Yes, she is sleeping.  Blessed baby!

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Nani said...

Well Bella knows who's boss! She has grown so much! Well,okay they all do; Kaline isn't that 1-pond fuzz ball anymore either, but furbabies grow up so much faster than human babies, don't they??

Hugs, Nani <3