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Friday, July 13, 2012

Follow Friday Four Fill in from Feeling Beachy and Five Question Friday from FiveCrookedHalos

This week’s statements:

1. My day always starts by ____
2. I prefer ___ to ____
3. I never thought I’d __________ until I __________
4. I wish I could ________ for ________________.

My answers:

1.  My day always starts by starting the coffee pot and feeding my feline owner, Bella. 

2.  I prefer Autumns in Michigan to any other season in any other state.  It's the only time and place that seems to just reach down into my soul and grabs a hold.  The smells, the air, the leaves, the apples and cider donuts, and the diminishing of mosquitoes  are the end all be all of creation!

3.  I never thought I'd be living in Missouri until it finally dawned on me that after 15 years, it looks like I'm staying for a minute or two.

4.  I wish I could influence the political decision makers for the benefit of all of mankind.  Voting is great and I'll be there with bells on in August and in November, eventhough I'm still upset that the one I voted for last time switched platforms AFTER he got elected....there should be a recall allowed when they switch sides...if not, a good fish-slapping with a halibut right across the noggin would be appropriate.  Might not change their minds and such, but it would sure make me feel better!

1. What's your view on men wearing sandals (yay or nay)?

Ideally?  Nay.  I prefer the dockers with no socks at all. But I can understand that mens' feet sweat as well as ladies' feet and for comfort's sake...sandals or flip flops might help alleviate their discomfort. But only if they do NOT wear socks with either.../shudder...that's sickening. I'm just sayin.......

 2. What song do you love but are embarrassed to admit?

I really don't have one...because I love Disney songs...my grandchildren and I sing at the top of our lungs when they come on...same with Veggietales and Christmas songs!  I like most all music (except for Opera) and not ashamed of any of it... It's part of who I am and I'm very proud of it...(I even love celtic bagpipes and Irish tapdancing)

3. What summer camp should they make for moms? 

They should make a summer camp for mom's that teaches them that no one is perfect, kids do NOT come with an instruction manual, wearing sweatpants and t-shirts to drop your kids off at school is perfectly fashionable, and teaches them how to have fun with little to no money.  They should have a few weeks of re-conditioning to remind them that YES, they are still women who are important, special, and have a job that would make most men cringe with fear...(child-raising).  Then, as an added bonus, teach them time-saving techniques and organizing skills that would shame Martha Stewart.

4. What is the most romantic song? (Not necessarily your favorite or your wedding song...)

The most romantic song that I can think of is "Everything I Do, I Do it for You" sung by Bryan Adams, Sting, and Rod Stewart

5. Do you have an embarrassing pregnancy story?

Absolutely.  With my first daughter, I gained quite a bit of weight...73lbs to be exact...didn't help that I had toxemia and she was an 8lb 2oz baby, but as you can imagine...lotta weight = bigger than normal boobs.  In about my 8th month, I was sitting in church one Sunday morning and she was right under my rib cage when she decided to start doing somersaults and jumping jacks.  My stomach was rolling and bumping like I was at a Run DMC concert...fairly uncomfortable...then she decided to start kicking upwards....so every 2-3 min or so, ONE boob would get kicked almost up to my chin....and she wasn't prejudiced....she kicked both of them...just not at the same time.  Needless to say, the song leader of our church at the time apparently noticed and could not for the life of him stop giggling.  I was sure glad when it was time to go home.


Nani said...

And you're not gonna leave MO unless all the grandbabies do! You know I speak the truth!

But always come visit in fall and we'll make another apples day with Scotty!

Kelly@CCCC said...

Well, Rach is moving to Texas, Erica is in New Mexico, Stephen is moving to Oregon, all I'll have left is Brooke and her two...I already feel abandoned...but of course not by Brooke!