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Sunday, January 22, 2012

I learned something new!

The Spirit of the Lord was in the house tonight!! Goosebumps all up and down my arms and back!  The music was incredible and made you just want to jump up and start dancing in front of the Lord, as King David did. The message was equally so!

Well, did you know that the same mountain (Mt. Moriah) that Abraham was called to sacrifice his son, Isaac, is the same mountain that Jesus Christ hung on the cross when He died for me?  I didn't, until tonight, that is.  God doesn't condone human sacrifice, EVER.  When He asked Abraham to kill his son and sacrifice him, it was to test Abraham's faith and trust in the Lord.  The Lord spared Isaac from that horrific death and yet sent His own Son, Jesus, to bear all the sins of the world, past, present, and future, as He hung dying on Calvary.  It's amazing to look at the big picture and see how in control God has been since the beginning when He created this world.

One of our missionaries from Quebec, Canada, French speaking Brother Michel Poirier, visited us tonight and preached the gospel.  He is one of the missionaries that we sponsor who goes to Port au Prince, Haiti, to start churches, give donations he receives from the churches in our association, and provides medical aid to those victims who are still trying to recover from that awful earthquake that devastated them not too long ago.  Some of the stories he told us tonight were sad and some were inspirational.

All of the missionaries, across the globe, need our prayer.  Their ministries, to save a lost and dying world, are needed so desperately.  The aid, the love, and the support they show to those who wouldn't otherwise receive is the only light that many of these folks will ever see.

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Rosalyn at Rosalynpricenglish.com said...

That's so interesting - I didn't know that either! And yes, it's comforting to know that God is in CONTROL - he's got it all planned out.

Have a great day, thanks for sharing!