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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bereans in a World gone crazy.

We are Bereans. Which means we diligently search Scripture to see if what's being said, taught, and circulated is of God's Word. We talk about Biblical doctrines, current events, End times prophecies, false teachers, and a myriad of other Biblical things. That being said....

If you have a question for us, (and no question is silly or wrong), we will do whatever we can to find you a Biblical answer, one that is aligned with what the Bible says. If it offends you, then I suggest you hit your knees and pray, pray, pray. God's ways are not our ways.

We don't compromise, lie, or even sugarcoat the truth for the sake of someone's ego or pride. When we give you an answer, it is from the Bible...God's Word. It's not our job to convict you, that's the Holy Spirit's job. It's not our job to save you, that's the Holy Spirit's job. And it's not our job to draw you to God or convince you to believe God's Word. That's the Holy Spirit's job.

We are commanded to spread the gospel to all the nations. That's it. We plant the seed, God waters it, and the Holy Spirit makes it grow. We are committed to sharing with as many people as we can. So, if you feel offended, hurt, get angry, or sad at the answers that you receive, I just want to remind you of this: The spirit of offense, anger, and depression are all from Satan. Don't let Satan rule your mind or your heart. Those belong to God. We love you all. In Christ, Kelly Rickman

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