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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lazy American Christians

Ok, going to hop up on my soapbox here for a few:

American Christians just sit back on their pews, steeped in their traditions and NOT on the Word of God. Don't they understand that outside these borders people are suffering, being slaughtered, raped, and murdered all because of their belief in Jesus?

America Christians have become lazy. We have had it so easy with all our freedoms, rights, and "entitlements". What have you done for God lately?

Americans are slowly losing our freedoms, rights, and "entitlements", and when we have completely turned into a socialist/communist country, What are you going to do then?

Don't you understand that we are supposed to be the Christian example to the rest of the world? That's why America was "born". Gosh, it's so frustrating to see that fields are ripe with the harvest and to know that most of it is going to rot because there aren't enough workers willing to work the fields. GRRRR.....

/steps down off her soapbox now....and cries for the lost.

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