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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brownies with a twist...Who'da thunk?

My daughter and her friend were experimenting in the kitchen one night due to sheer boredom.  I don't know whether they seen the recipe online or just made it up themselves, however, the results of their experiments were really interesting and VERY tasty!

They lined cupcake pans with liners (they used paper ones but I suggest using ones with the coating on the inside) and placed a dollop of brownie batter in the bottom.  They then coated an Oreo cookie with peanut butter and placed it on top of the brownie batter in the cupcake liner.  The final step before baking them was to cover the peanut butter Oreo with more brownie batter and bake.

They cooked them a bit longer, I think, then was necessary, but they were really delicious!

One of these tasty desserts was enough to satisfy my "peanut-butter-chocolate-fix" for a good while!  Very rich and filling!


Nani said...

Those look positively decadent!

Now I think I need to make a few crackers with my chocolate PB2 (Fat free chocolate-peanut butter) It's good stuff, really...maybe not THAT good, but much fewer WW points...and that's good. Really, fewer points is good...and important...really...

Brooke is responsible for this, right? (wipes drool away) :)

Hugs to you both!

Julian Levi said...

Yummy! Hope I can make this yummy too... thanks for sharing the post... love this.!

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